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We breed our horses for disposition as well as usability.

Our focus has been on foundation bloodlines that have proven themselves on the ranch and in the rodeo arena. Driftwood, Joe Reed, Leo, and Joe Hancock breeding make up the majority of our bloodlines.

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Jace Mitchell and Luke Pearce won the Payette...

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We had another great production sale this year....

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For well over half a century the name “Driftwood” in a using horse’s pedigree has defined outstanding performance. On the ranch, in the show ring and in the rodeo arena….especiallly the rodeo arena, the Driftwoods have set the standard by which other contest mounts are measured.

—Phil Livingston (“The Driftwood Legacy,” Western Horseman “Legends” series)

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I've been associated in production livestock my whole life and I have been buying bulls from Monty Pearce for 29 years. Pearce has Angus genetics better than anyone I've ever seen. Anything he's ever told me is absolute truth. His cattle are what he says they'll be. I managed the McEwen Ranch (2500 cow ranch) for 15 years. They were mediocre cattle. I started using Memory Ranch bulls and in four years of using them, the calves were top in the Winnemucca, Nevada video sale. I didn't get up at night to check heifers for calving. If you're a beginner just tell him what your cattle are and your goals and he can darn sure set you on the right path. Another factor that brought me back too was that his wife and daughters are darn good cooks!
Al Lowry Rancher, 86 years old
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