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We breed our horses for disposition as well as usability.

Our focus has been on foundation bloodlines that have proven themselves on the ranch and in the rodeo arena. Driftwood, Joe Reed, Leo, and Joe Hancock breeding make up the majority of our bloodlines.

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For well over half a century the name “Driftwood” in a using horse’s pedigree has defined outstanding performance. On the ranch, in the show ring and in the rodeo arena….especiallly the rodeo arena, the Driftwoods have set the standard by which other contest mounts are measured.

—Phil Livingston (“The Driftwood Legacy,” Western Horseman “Legends” series)

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I have had lots of horses from different places in the US and also in Mexico. When I found these horses from Memory Ranches I was very satisfied. They are different from the rest and are very versatile with lots of athleticism. They are always willing to rope or go to work. I have a degree in Horse Science and I think these horses are the real deal when it comes to roping.
Luis Prieto Chihuahua, Mexico
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