We are a family owned and operated seedstock ranch that sell about 180 bulls a year. We run both Black and Red Angus cattle. Our herd has been artificially inseminated every year since 1974. We have taken a very “commercial” approach to our purebred herd. We have avoided the fashions and fads that have cycled through the industry and we have tried to steer clear of single trait selection. Our focus has been on birth weight, growth, maternal, fertility (both male and female), carcass, feed conversion, and metabolism. These traits are then blended into a well muscled structurally sound bovine that works for the commercial cowman.

Some 30 odd years ago we decided to go from a 2 year old bull selling program to a yearling. When we made this operating decision it soon became clear that we would have to cull ⅓ of the herd. These cows were not capable of raising a bull that would be ready to market at 12 to 15 months old. Our cowherd has been culled hard to produce a female that can raise a bull that is not only marketable at 12 months but also at 9. Over the past many years we have moved our bull sales further and further toward a younger bull. Now over half of our bulls are gone by the 15th of December. This has made an outstanding mother cow.

This year we sent 80 bulls to Grandview to be GrowSafe feed conversion tested. This is the first year we have sent such a large number. We feel that the “frontier” of the beef industry lies in feed conversion. In 2014 we purchased a percentage of a bull named Decision. He converted his feed at 3.8 lbs and gained close to 5 lbs a day. These bulls are the absolute “top”! They have done very well and look amazing! We are excited to offer a set of these bulls to you for your consideration. We look forward to meeting you.

Angus Bull Breeding