• Luis Prieto Chihuahua, Mexico
    I have had lots of horses from different places in the US and also in Mexico. When I found these horses from Memory Ranches I was very satisfied. They are different from the rest and are very versatile with lots of athleticism. They are always willing to rope or go to work. I have a degree in Horse Science and I think these horses are the real deal when it comes to roping.
  • Jim Bentz Rancher
    We calved 392 heifers this spring that were bred to Memory Angus Ranch bulls. We checked them only at feeding time. After calving was over we culled out 13 dry heifers.
  • Bob Tanner Double T Ranch, South Carolina
    After purchasing Buzz in June 2011, he has exceeded our expectations. I actually placed on him in his first competition at a local jackpot. He scores well and cannot be outrun. Buzz is proving to be a well-rounded horse and we are glad that he came to the Double T Ranch in 2011. We hope to be able to make the next sale!
  • Lynette McMillan Washington
    We bought Bourbon from you two years ago. We are doing just about everything off of him. My son picks-up on him, we have been heeling steers, and my daughter is now trick riding on him. He really has turned into a nice horse.
  • Jim Davis Superior Rep
    I have shipped a lot of calves for customers who use Memory Angus Ranch bulls. The ranchers like the bulls and the buyers love the performance of the calves.
  • Paul S. Lin Pennsylvania
    Thank you for having done such an outstanding job of developing the Driftwood/Joe Reed bloodline. The 7 Memory Ranch horses that my friends and I from Pennsylvania have purchased, have all been superb! They are the most 'cowy', athletic, 'no bottom', horses we could ever find. We team rope with them and they keep us competitive! Everyone now wants a horse with a MY brand! Looking forward to sharing the 2013 catalog with the guys.
  • Bobby Hall California
    I run 300 head of black Angus cows and it was shipping season shortly after I got Concho. He had just turned four. I remember loading him in the trailer in the pitch dark with a flashlight. He is so kind to do anything you want. He's quiet. He's cowy. He'll hunt calves down in the pasture to do his job. He's so sweet. There's not a mean bone in his body. He's the most super minded horse I've ever had. And he's absolutely gorgeous! He's got the mind to go with the looks. I'm 63 years old and I think I finally found the perfect horse!
  • Chad and Paje Turner Turner Performance Horses
    We really enjoyed our White Lightning Ike gelding. He was such a versatile and athletic horse. Won and placed at ropings and rodeos on both ends in the team roping, breakaway and calf roping. Hope to one day have another Memory Ranch gelding.
  • Luis Prieto Chihuahua, México
    I bought Mack four months ago. He is a phenomenal horse. He is only 6 years old and I have been winning big ropings in Mexico. Thank you, Luke, for producing such nice horses.
  • Al Lowry Rancher, 84 years old
    I've been associated in production livestock my whole life and I have been buying bulls from Monty Pearce for 29 years. Pearce has Angus genetics better than anyone I've ever seen. Anything he's ever told me is absolute truth. His cattle are what he says they'll be. I managed the McEwen Ranch (2500 cow ranch) for 15 years. They were mediocre cattle. I started using Memory Ranch bulls and in four years of using them, the calves were top in the Winnemucca, Nevada video sale. I didn't get up at night to check heifers for calving. If you're a beginner just tell him what your cattle are and your goals and he can darn sure set you on the right path. Another factor that brought me back too was that his wife and daughters are darn good cooks!